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  • Do you find administering your own payroll complex?
  • Are you at risk of the complexities of employment legislation and aware of the regime of penalties for non-compliance?
  • Is it diverting your energy and time consuming?

We have a dedicated department on hand to give support and relieve you of this task.  We provide a confidential and comprehensive payroll service to help you unravel the complexities of the system.  We are able to offer:

  • An RTI compliant payroll bureau service
  • Registration with H M Revenue and Customs
  • Administration of PAYE, National Insurance, Statutory Sick Pay and other statutory payments and deductions
  • Customised payslips
  • Weekly, fortnightly, 4 weekly and monthly pay runs
  • Department analysis to suit needs
  • Preparation and completion of year end returns (forms P35) and issue of P60s
  • Electronic submission for all paperwork required by HMRC e.g. P45s P46s, P60s and end of year returns P35

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