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Funding for Entrepreneurs

FfE is a funding specialist for SME businesses.  Provided you have a strong business case to support your requirement for extra finance, we can generally match your business with a suitable form of funding. It may be asset finance for capital investment, secured loans to support business expansion, secured loans to cover your need for an increase in working capital or equity finance to fund growth or often a mix of different forms of funding.  If you have a good case but don’t have suitable financial projections, we can even help you prepare those projections and sensitise them as any reputable funder will, so you maximise your chances of securing additional funding.

It’s easy to apply online – just complete our simple application form. If you have a good prima facia case for more funding, we will meet you to discuss your opportunity and to establish how best to approach your funding needs. 

Different funding requirements require different funding solutions – we specialise in matching the right funding solution to your needs. Occasionally depending on location & sector there may be

grants or unsecured finance available, more usually it will be one form or another of secured finance and occasionally we will advise seeking equity finance. We work with main stream banks, secondary banks, asset finance providers, invoice discounting suppliers, grant agencies, equity finance houses, business angels and pension investment managers.

We will even help after securing the funding if you want the continuity of advice & expertise by introducing you to either an independent director, to bring external input to your regular board meetings, or to a mentor familiar with your sector & target customers.

We are all experienced accountants (from industry & the profession) and we can provide access to specialist lawyers where required.

Funding your business is as critical as the design & performance of your product offering is, to the success of your business; you should partner with specialists in funding just as you would partner with specialists relating to your product design or performance. Whether your sales are £100,000 or £25 million and whether you are seeking £25,000 or several million, and your business case is strong enough, we will find a funding solution for you.  If you feel you have a good business case that justifies additional funding, we look forward to hearing from you. 01302 55 65 00 or apply online at


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